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Easy Setup
myFAX is an IP based browse server, no client software need to install. All it needs are Power, LAN and a PSTN. Takes on average about 3 minutes to complete. None technical skill is required.


Desktop Faxing
Sending and receive faxes from your desktop conveniently, no longer have to print out the fax to feed it into the fax machine. Also saving time and costs.


Paperless Faxing
Any printable computer file can be faxed, without having to first print the document on paper. Paperless fax not only benefits you but also the environment.


Fax Broadcast
The same document is sent to every recipient with no personalization in the document, only in the fax header. The list of recipients can be created and maintained in any local or web-based data sheets.


Fax Queue
The number of fax lines in an organization can be reduced, as the server can queue large numbers of faxes and send each when any of a number of lines is free.


Fax to Email
Receive your faxes directly to your email address(s). You can now receive your faxes on your iPhone, Android, Outlook, Webmail, and others.


Fax by Email
Send faxes directly from your iPhone, Android, Webmail, or Outlook Email system. Type the body of the email and attach PDF&TIF documents. They will be formatted as separate pages in the fax.


Schedule Faxing
Send a fax at a scheduled date and time when transmission rates may be less expensive. Also in any organization, there is a scope for a lot of appointments with different people at different time frames. A proper scheduling of appointments saves lot of time, gives clarity, and improves efficiency in any organization.


Super G3 High Fax Speed *
The V.34 SuperG3 fax enabling transmission speeds of 33.6Kbps for superior performance. Sending and receiving faxes at 33.6 kbps, more than double the speed of V.17/14.4K bps fax. Save lots of time and cost for fax transmission. To get the benefits of Super G3, you must communicate with another Super G3 Fax machine or compatible device.


Network Fax Sharing
myFax runs in TCP/IP network. User can share faxes and files within local LAN or even internet. It save time to deliver fax and save cost as well.


Operate Independently
A standalone fax server, running completely out of the computer. No server side software required and fax will be stored in its storage.






















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