Outlook meeting room booking


Discover how our product make it easy for meeting rooms booking and catering. No more schedules date crashes and long waiting for room to be available because it supports booking in shared calendars. You can check any room available and it comes with graphic image of the rooms, sizes, euipments, sittings in the decription of the particular room.




    • List and book available meeting rooms, resources, or hot desks through Outlook®


    • Resource Central handles all changes and cancellations


    • Quick overview of all meeting rooms showing availability, selected images, and important details, such as maximum capacity


    • View availability of all internal meeting attendees


    • Resource Central supports recurring meetings and other complex bookings


    • List and book available hot desks through Outlook®


    • Use facilities more efficiently by scheduling and booking your Workstations through our meeting room booking system


    • Intuitive and user-friendly meeting schedule software


    • Order AV-equipment, catering, and other services in your Outlook® calendar


    • Booking Manager - key personnel can handle all existing resource reservations


    • Order receipts are automatically sent to all meeting organizers, catering personnel, etc., reducing your workload and improving internal communication


    • View reservations and orders in a separate administration module

    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for both meeting arrangers and service providers


    • Analyze room and workspace usage to assess which resources are over- or under-utilized


    • Use standard resource utilization reports or easily create your own reports that are customized to meet your company’s specific needs


    • Generate reports based on Microsoft Reporting Services


    • Print visitor badges


    • Perform barcode scans for speedy registration


    • Receive email notifications when visitors arrive



Resource Central, resource booking software, helps you answer questions such as:


    • -> Which rooms and workspaces are over-utilized?
    • -> Are late cancelations preventing efficient meeting room usage?
    • -> Can we spare some of our meeting rooms and turn them into office space?
    • -> What can be done to improve our meeting room usage?


Access to our product knowledgebase and take time to look at the short product presentation. Any questions or any interest, Please email us at sales@mhnetsb.net or contact us at +603-80717268. We will be glad to assist you. Resource Central is the right product for your Outlook room booking.


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